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Because of retirement we closed our webshop!


ISCRA's stock has recently been taken over by Bartele Santema, who owns an antique map show in the small pittoresk lake-side village of Langweer in Friesland, Netherlands. Before moving to Langweer a few years back, Bartele spent 25 years in Indonesia, where he still has a beautiful shop in central Jakarta, which is now managed by his nephew Sake Santema. This shop offers, next to rare maps and prints, also books, tribal art and paintings.

 For any inquiries about Iscra’s former stock of maps & prints please contact

Bartele offers a very wide range of maps, prints, books and antiques and has probably the largest collection of maps and prints of the East Indies on offer, including the extremely rare and valuable map of the Spice Islands: the 'Insulae Moluccae Celeberrimae', engraved by Petrus Plancius.
His curator in Jakarta is Dr. David Parry, writer of the book Cartography of the East Indian Islands.

By the end of March he plans to launch his new website, but for the time being you can still get a good idea of his Jakarta stock at

We will announce the launch of his new website on this page!!

In Jakarta a new shop will open on March 12 in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

In Friesland his collection is more focused on his roots, the northern parts of Holland and in particular of course the Frisian maps and prints. 

Some recent additions to his very large stock are : The Indische Archipel, Hoola van Nooten, Verhandelingen over de natuurlijke geschiedenis der Nederlandse overzeesche bezittingen van C.J. Temminck, the complete set of Valentijn Beschrijving van Oost Indieen and the Nederlandse Vogelen of Sepp & Nozeman

For any enquiries or offerings you can reach him at


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