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       It is with mixed emotions that we announce our retirement.
From now on there are no purchases possible through our website anymore.

Of course we will handle all current orders with the care you are used to and of course shipments still will be monitored. Please let us know if there are any questions about your purchase, delivery or purchase from the past.
Iscra's stock will be taken over and will be offered online again soon.
Further details will follow soon on this page.

We want to say thanks to all ISCRA's customers for the opportunity to serve you through the web-shop for almost 20 years. We want you to know that we highly appreciated your business and confidence!  

Selling through the ISCRA webshop stops .......... our services not!!!!

Please contact us at:
if there are any questions!
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W.F. Meijer Groeneveld



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